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Clients Comments About Working With Tara



Since I have been working with Tara, Iím basically a different person. I took private sessions from her and released a lot of the past that I was carrying around. One of the best results was that I left an old job that I didnít like and got a wonderful job that just love. I took Reiki I and II and really enjoyed the classes and increased my self-confidence. And I did a session in which I was able to completely change my communication with my daughter from conflict to harmony. I would highly recommend her work. -Beverly M, Julian, NC


When Tara did the advanced Technique on me... It was wonderful! -Laura H


I have been working on myself for awhile now. My mind and beliefs were muddling the intuitive information I was getting. When I did my session with Tara, I was surprised at how she brought me into the experience of this. After, there was a feeling of being very connected and a lot of unwinding going on. I felt trust so strong, trust in what comes up (in her intuition). Sadness and loneliness are gone and Iím happy again. Thank you! -Teresa M, Primm Springs, Tenn


Hi Tara! Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to follow up w/ you like we talked about. You have been a great help in getting me over the "hump" of holding on to those old patterns regarding feelings and negative emotions. Thank you for everything. Love, Karen, Thomasville (an email used by permission)


When I did the session with Tara, I immediately recalled scenes from an experience which I had no idea was influencing me. And the scenes were not from this life time. It directly related to a problem I was working on in which I needed to make a decision. I understand why I felt compelled to behave a certain way and now, I could make the decision from a clear place! One thing that I truly enjoy about the sessions is the deep feeling of peace I feel once we get to the root cause and it is released. I could just hangout in this peace for hours! -Keith G


Tara Dillinger is the real  deal. I didn't know how amazing her technique was until I experienced it for myself. She is incredibly sharp, full of compassion and has a knack for getting to the root of any issue.  - I recommend Tara's services to anybody who is serious about becoming more effective and responsible with their life. - D.Wallace, Ohio & South Africa


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