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Sacred Touch and Scents of Living Oils

I came across these unique blends of rare essential oils during my trip to Sedona, Arizona in September 2007. I was so impressed by the energy of the oils I bought one for myself and recommended one to my traveling companion, Keith. I was delighted to see the effect they had not only on me, but also on those around me when I wore the oil. Keith also had some wonderful experiences, as well as everyone I’ve shared them with.

The energy present in these oils is amazing and seems to raise you up to that higher vibration. I have seen people respond to the Joy oil by expressing great affection for me when I wore it. I have seen a friend go from anger to immediate release using Compassion, and from nervous energy to immediate relaxation using Serenity, Another friend, after smelling the Christ Scent, had a wonderful experience of freedom and release from her daily routine and roles. Because of this I decided to sell these and become the exclusive regional distributor for them.

They are really quite indescribable and have to be experienced to be understood. The best way to do that is to arrange for an Oils Sampling Event or attend a Your Nose Knows workshop. For a schedule of these events, please phone or email us. See below for contact information.

These Sacred Touch Oils - each a unique blend of rare essential oils, were created by Glenda Green to facilitate a spiritual remembrance of eight fundamental principles of unconditional living. The Scents of Living Oils give you tools for living. They are all available as retail products and may be available at wholesale pricing to qualifying retailers.




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Christ Scent

Lightness of Spirit and Sweetness of Love. It transcends all negativity and heals a wounded heart.


Love and Intelligence - Releases anger and brings out Love.


Fragrance of the Soul - Releases judgment and brings you into the Now moment.


Pure uplifting fragrance - Opens learning and transcendence.


Gentle scent - Brings in balance, inner peace.


Spicy, rich, infinite supply - Opens gratitude.


Springtime flowering life - Celebration of being the Love that is.


Opens acceptance and knowing.


Whispers - "You are loved." to yourself and others.


Like the freshest air you could imagine - Opens joy of living.

Heart’s Desire

Rich and spicy - Reveals your true heart's desire.


Immediately calming - Releases stress. For rest, sleep, therapeutic massage.

Magdalene’s Blessing

Lifts us to where Love commands - Releases fear.

Holy Ground

Serene and vibrant - for prayer and meditation and to bless an area. Brings in Harmony.


Opens you to revelations and healing.


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